Kids' Quotes

Here are a few blurbs of what I'm loving lately:

Maurah and Hayden are really into playing "wedding."  Right now, they are in the living room, all dressed in big, flouncy dresses, Maurah as the prince and Hayden as the princess, twirling each other around and around while Hayden sings a made-up song at the top of her lungs.  It is so fun to watch them have each other to play like this together.  They are SO into this, that while Maurah and I were on our date the other night at Joann Fabrics, she asked if we could please go down the "dress aisle" A.K.A. the silky, frilly material aisle.  As we walked through all of the tulle and lace, she showed me every dress that she wants to wear when her prince comes to marry her.  I just smiled and soaked up that bit of sweetness with her, hoping she settles for nothing less than a prince to sweep her away, but knowing the reality that at least one broken heart awaits her in her future, as it did for me and most other women who have ever lived and loved.  I'm savoring these innocent moments with the girls and their first, imaginary loves.

Laina is really into giving loves and hugs right now.  This morning, she came up and squeezed me as hard as she could and then said, "And a kiss!"  To get real kisses from her is a huge treasure!  She either turns her head away or licks you right now, so dry lips puckered is a real treat!  :)  She also walks around wearing a big tutu much of the day.  My very talented cousin made two tutus for the twins when they were little and Laina has claimed Hayden's as her own!  Whether in jammies or clothes, there is that tutu right on top!  She's worn it while we carved pumpkins, she's worn it to church, she's worn it to pick up Cole from school.  She walks around saying, "Look at me, I'n a pin-thess!"  I smile just thinking about it. :)

Cole comes home every day from school and gives me a humongous hug.  I love that guy so much.  I already look at him and see absolutely no sign of baby in him and realize how much faster these years are going to go now that he is in school and the majority of his day is spent outside of the house.  I love watching the independence he's gaining and the way he so easily makes friends at school.  His personality has so many similarities yet is so different from mine.  I had a very small group of close friends because I was so shy and never did I dare to meet anyone from a different grade or even a different class.  He has friends in every single Kindergarten class and also has befriended some first graders!  He's totally comfortable in his own skin and loves to be social.  He's into making up stories (his imagination is incredible!) and telling jokes.  The latest joke is this:  Knock-knock.  Who's there?  Interrupting cow.  Interrupting cow---MOO!!  Jake and I have heard this probably 100 times in our lives but still laugh every time Cole says it because 1) the kid can really "moo" and 2) he is cracking up himself and it's hilarious to hear him giggle like that!

Maurah, Hayden and I were playing a game of Memory today and Maurah was so excited.  I said, "Maurah, do you like playing games?"  "Mm-hmm," she responded.  Then she said, "And I love to smile.  Smiling's my favorite.  Just like Buddy the Elf!"  I think I've been letting her watch ELF a little too much lately but I LOVE that she can quote it!

We've been doing a thankful tree in our dining room where the kids add a leaf of something they're thankful for every night.  Our leaves range from going to church, to what Cole played at recess that day, to Laina's multitude of leaves that say "Merry Christmas!"  She said it the first night, got some laughs and has said it every night since.  We're excited to see at the end of the month just how many leaves of hers say something about Christmas on them!  Ha!  I am LOVING this and want to find a way to do something similar all year round.  If we forget to do it, they are right there telling us about it.  It's so nice to walk into our home and see all of our blessings posted on the wall.  Such a great visual to remember the kind of perspective we should have each day!

Things the little kids say that I don't want to correct:

The girls say "I have the cough-es" when they cough a little bit.  It's just so cute how they emphasize the end of the word.

They also ask for chapstick because they have the hiccups.  Not sure where they came up the idea that chapstick was to soothe hiccups, but I laugh every time they ask for it!

Laina makes the pig's sound any time she sees a pig and says, "Koink! Koink!"  It's way too adorable for words.

The girls are really into watching Cole either play computer games or listening to him read.  Whenever they ask if they can watch him, he responds with, "Yeah!  Sure, hun!" I wish I could convey his voice when I type this out and hope I never forget it.  It's a little bit higher pitched than how he normally talks but is filled with love and excitement because it makes him feel really special too, that the girls would want to watch him.

These kids are so awesome.  I love their personalities and how they're all so different but we make up such a tight-knit family.  I hope and pray they stay such great friends forever.

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