I realized as I go through pictures from last year that I can't remember the memory that goes with each of them.  So this blog has to be a recording place for me and I just have to keep up with it.  So many things I want to remember are found in the little things that quickly slip the mind.  So, even if it's mainly just with pictures and a quick caption, I'm going to try really hard this year to write and remember here.

With the weather being so crazy this year, we've gone from fluffy snow to total ice in our yard.  We have tried so many times to make a snowman and haven't gotten it to work once yet.  It hasn't kept us from being in the chilly air, though!  The new thing for the kids this year is trying the "blowing snow" picture...I did it with one of my clients and the kids have been wanting to do it ever since.  The snow was too wet in these pics but Hayden's effort is definitely there.  ;)

 A typical Laina face...so silly
 Trying the snow blowing again
 The blowing didn't work, so let's just throw it!

 I've learned very quickly that anything can be turned in to a light saber.
 Laina and Apple Jack have become best buddies and have a snuggle time each morning while the bigger kids are at school.
 Hayden and Maurah are REALLY into dress-up and they play their parts to a T.  Here are our little bakers.

 Laina is such a waterbug.  I have to watch her very closely in the bath because she dunks herself all the way in and "swims."  I'm ready for her to start her swimming lessons this spring.
 We have princesses in our presence practically every day.  Maurah and Hayden made these crowns at school and Hayden was gracious enough to let Laina borrow hers.
It's hard to believe this photo was taken in January just like the photos above!  We had one day where it was in the 50s.  Laina took that opportunity to splash around in the puddle between our house and our neighbor's.  She was so sopping wet when she came in, she took off her boots and dumped out a ton of water.  That made her day, especially when she dumped the first one on our hardwood floor and made a puddle inside.  Thankfully, I was quick enough to stop her before she got the other off!

A New Spark

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