An Update from Cole

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Cole too, as I know a lot of people like to check out his latest pictures! He is so much fun at the "old age" of 14 months! He says quite a bit, but his clearest words are "Hi" and "Ball". When we walk in the house he says, "Hi, kitty!" It is really fun to be able to communicate with him a little more. The top picture is his "C-Diddy" shoes with no socks, saggy shorts and Dad's winter hat! He was very impressed with himself!

Cole and Jake treated me to a nice Mother's Day dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in downtown Chicago. I love this picture that Jake took of the two of us outside of the Water Tower. addition to our family!! My sister and brother-in-law had Anthony Joel on April 4th. He is such a sweetie pie...this picture is from this past weekend. He is growing so quickly already and smiles and so fun!!!


fisherblog said...

Hey Megan! I love reading your blog too! Do you have Amy's email address? If not, email me at, and I'll give it to you so you can access her blog- she is blogging about their trip, and I think you would enjoy reading it!

Sara said...

Ok... didn't realize I was signed in as Jon... sorry! :-)

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