Grandma Janet

We paid a visit to my Grandma Van Geison during our stay in Michigan. My grandma and grandpa have always been a huge part of my life, and unfortunately, my grandpa passed away two weeks before Cole was born. So I am so thankful we get to have my Grandma Janet in our kids' lives. Cole got to eat her yummy brownies and watch the big tractors dig for a new building right outside her window. Then, we were paraded through the dining room where all of her neighbors and friends could meet the girls and say hi to Cole, who they watched grow from when he was just a tiny baby. It brought back memories of when I would go to the farmer's market with my grandpa and grandma in the summers and they would tell every vendor there what my name was and how happy they were that I was staying with them for a while. In the same fashion, my family was "shown off" and it was so nice to hear about all of the prayers given on our behalf through the beginning of this year. It's always so neat to meet people who have been praying for our girls - people we don't even know all that well. We are going to see my grandma again in a couple of weeks when we have our family get-together. I will definitely post more pictures from then!

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