New Tricks and Pics

Here's an update on the girls:

  • Maurah and Hayden both rolled from their tummies to their backs last Wednesday.
  • Hayden rolled from her back to her tummy yesterday.
  • Maurah rolled from her back to her tummy today.
  • As far as we can tell right now, Maurah may definitely be Dad's girl. All Jake has to do is walk in the room and her face lights up like you wouldn't believe. I've never seen such a big smile on such a small baby. It's too sweet!
  • Hayden is really into talking. She will just lay in her crib and babble for the longest time. It's so nice to wake up to this sound over the monitor versus screaming that she wants to eat!
  • Both of the girls are really getting interested in toys and it's so fun to have them be more interactive. Jake and I don't really enjoy the newborn stage where babies don't really "do" anything, so we're really loving this phase with the girls.
  • The girls LOVE each other. It's neat to see them bond already. Whenever we lay them down together, they end up holding hands. Could anything be sweeter?
Maurah enjoying some time outdoors
Hayden and her favorite toy - her tongue
Maurah & Hayden


~joanne said...

Does Hayden have a curl to her hair??

What fun these girls will have together!!!

Megan said...

Yes! Actually, both girls have a really good curl to their hair. I'm hoping that as it gets longer, it will stay curly instead of just being wavy. From this straight-haired mama, that would be a dream! =)

~joanne said...

Okay I have to Jake's hair wavy?

Megan said...

Yes, it's pretty wavy. He likes to say it's curly and he tries to grow it out, but it just becomes frizz when he attempts it. :) He has hair like his mom and she says that it's always been a problem for her. So that's why I'm hoping the girls' hair will be truly curly and not frizzy. I might have to pull some tricks out to help them if it's not!!

Amanda Gail Miller said...

I love the new pictures. They are so adorable and sweet! It's great to see pictures of them seperate and together. I know my parents always took pictures of me and my sis together so we didn't have many seperate =). Since I'm a twin I understand what you mean about the bonding. It's sweet and if they are like my sis and I .. it will last forever. Thats so cute that they hold hands! I'm glad to hear you don't have to move and that things are going well.

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