Invisible Children Update & CELEBRATION!

All of the petitions signed, funds spent, weird looks for wearing these t-shirts to church, awareness raised and prayers prayed were worth every second.  I'm proud to say too that many of our youth group kids were part of this mission too.  It's awesome to see what youth can do when they move together.

I'm so excited because I'm wearing my first-ever I.C. t-shirt tonight too!  Yes, this is really me.
Yes, I took a picture because I am a huge dork.

I figured that, if you read this blog, you must be a dork too.

And yes, I do believe I.C. will be calling me to model their newest line of tees soon.  

But BIGGER things are happening now and I am so giddy!!!!  Check it out!

1 comment:

Emily said...

How incredibly exciting!!! So awesome that you guys and your kids at church could be a part of this!

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