Okay, so who knew that we were already in the middle of October?  Seriously!  Where in the world is the time going?

My writing has been a little lacking, wouldn't you say?  And it isn't for lack of things going on in life that I'm not putting pen to paper....or fingers to keys.  Quite the contrary.  I have so many different things on my mind, it's CHOOSING what to write about that's the problem.

I've read that the key to a successful blog is to be consistent in posting and even to post ahead so that you're planned out and have interesting things for people to consider throughout their day.  Obviously, I'm not in the market for having a "successful" blog.  I am, however, keeping it real and sticking to my original purpose for writing, which is trying to keep in touch.  It used to be keeping in touch with family and now it's keeping in touch with whomever is "out there".  But it's also become a place to keep in touch with who is right

It's easy to fall into comfort here and when you're in comfort, you don't often stop to notice what's happening around you - or inside of you.  I picture it like slinking into a large, soft, feather-full duvet where I just close my eyes and fall asleep to anything outside of myself.  Yeah, some days are like that.

Then, other days are so filled with emotion and reality that I don't know what to deal with first and I'm spinning around and around on a ride much like the one Jake affectionately calls the Tilt-a-Hurl.  It's not pretty.


I'm looking for some balance and hoping that if I spew out everything happening here, I will be able to find some rhythms in life again.

So just a warning:  I can pretty much guarantee that the next few postings will be anything but pretty and most likely anything but insightful.  They will probably mean nothing to anyone but myself.  I encourage you that, if you're bored, just walk away.  But, if you're kooky like me and like to see what other people's REAL lives are like, read on!  We can make my solo therapy session a group therapy!

 I just had a friend post on Facebook that if you want to go fast, go alone.  But if you want to go far, go together.  I love that.  I guess that would be my interesting thought for the day....although stolen, it's filled with hope.  And I've been needing some hope.

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Anonymous said... real!!! Bring it on!! When I read a blog, its not to be inspired but to catch a glimpse of what's going on in that person's life, heart, etc. Cute pictures help too, but seriously, be real. I loved your post about being That Mom...its such a challenge to let God shape us into not That Mom or even The Mom, but His chosen Mom for the precious kids He's entrusted to us...Their will never ever regret a minute spent with your kids, even if other things don't happen the way you'd planned. These sweet kids are truly our primary ministry, and its a challenge, but He blesses me and them, when I make them my priority instead of trying to cram them into my life. And yes, even as they get older they need us to sit down and talk or play or listen or be silly, maybe even more than when they were little. Ok, so maybe I need to get my own blog! :) Didn't realize I had so much to say! I just love your sweet family and want to encourage you in these crazy years when it seems like juice, diapers, crying, toys, insane amounts of laundry and a to do list that never ever ends are your life! You and Jake are doing a great job. Praying for you as you travel to Kentucky this weekend. Love you, Tracie

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