Iphone photo overload

While the girls are down for a nap today, I've decided it's about time to clear off my Iphone and share some photos!  Man, there are some great times captured on that thing.  Here's what I found as I scrolled down memory lane... (did you catch the pun?  I supposed it'd be even more clever of me if I didn't point it out, huh?)

 This was in April right after we first moved to Wisconsin and lived in the farmhouse.  Maurah took this and I think she did a pretty great job!
 Maurah also took this one of Hayden waiting ever so patiently while we were at a doctor's appointment.  I'm not so sure I won points for mom of the year with my daughter rolling on the dirty floor but we made it out of that office with no tantrums so that was a huge deal.
 One of our very great friends here took our kids out for a couple of hours for me when we moved into our new home here.  Little did I know that she took them all throughout town..the library and the police and fire station where the kids got to meet the firefighters and check out their trucks and gear.  How cool is that?!?
 This was the sky on our way to our first drive-in movie.
 And our first drive-in movie was Cars 2!
 These next few pics are from a day where I decided the kids and I would walk to Cole's school to play at the park...I wasn't exactly prepared as it was an over 90 degree day and I had zero water or money with me...I think by the time we got to the park, we spent maybe 15 minutes playing and then came back to our air-conditioned home.  Again, probably not a mom of the year moment, but we survived. ;)

 This is the "Quit taking pictures and just help me off of this thing!" look. 

 This picture of Hayden cracks me up.  The girl is limber, that's for sure!
 And this is the, "Quit taking pictures...I'm hot, tired, and it's DEFINITELY time to go home" look.
 So we got on our wheels and made it back home...l o n g e s t  w a l k  e v e r

 Baking chocolate chip cookies!
 Laina's tantrum because we ran out of dough...is it kosher to take pics of your kids' tantrums?  I hope so because there are a couple more on here! ;)
 Shirtless wonder Maurah...taken by Hayden
 My sweet friend's new baby Benjamin!  I got to meet him for the first time on our trip to AR for another friends' wedding!
 And I captured him...I pretty much asked to hold him any chance I got that weekend.  He looks a little alarmed in this pic I think!  Probably wondering who the crazy lady was that kept kissing him!  Ha!
 Very typical Maurah...I love it.
 Beach day!
 I love how Hayden has her legs crossed here.
 Sweet shades
 Look, Mom!  Double fisting the pacis!
 Girls' night and birthday party at church
 Two crazies who I love stole my phone. :)
 This pic was taken by one of the kids of course, but I love it because it shows my life...dishwasher open, baby in arms, another child hanging on my legs...I look at this and it makes me happy.  Which makes me even happiER because it means I love my life.  And that's just awesome.
 This was one of Maurah's wedding days :)
 Hayden is rockin' the tan lines here
 Cole made his own ABB pattern out of cubes and wanted a picture to email to his teacher and was so proud...although you can't really tell from his expression
 Sisterly love!!  So weird to think that someday they'll have their pictures taken like this with their real babies...
 Not the most flattering of me, but this was a fun time taking pics with the girls on the couch.
 This is when Laina fell asleep on Cole's floor in the middle of throwing a tantrum because we ran out of candy corn.  Do you notice a connection with this girl and sweets?
 Another fit pic...this was one of Laina's very first time outs...I just think her fancy dress and her actions are a hilarious combination.
 Pretty Hayden in my heels, with her baby in arms.  This girl will make a seriously chic mama one day.
 I'm pleased to report that Laina survived her time-out :)
 Jasmine Star...I love her!  I was SO excited to get her magazine and these sweet hair clips for a photo shoot I have coming up on the very same day.  Happy Mail Day to me!
 Jake's and my first date since Laina was born!  It was AWESOME!  We went to downtown Milwaukee to this really cool - grownups only - restaurant.  So thankful we got to do that!
 Maurah helping make the apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert
 Laina is learning the "Maurah pose"?

 We love baking!
 Sweet sisters...and always wearing their "fancy" skirts.
 My first Pinterest creation...a hair tie home made out of an oatmeal container.  I'm still loving it!
My second Pinterest creation...Christmas shirts for the girlies!
And fingerpainting...always a fun adventure :)

So that's it!  I saved you from the 82 photos of our walls and tables and floors that the girls took when they confiscated my phone at different times.  If you're really interested in those, then you're truly a Manne stalker! :)  

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fun pictures Love how you convey that you loving being a mommy!!

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