A Full Weekend (Part 1)

This past weekend is one I want to remember forever.  There was nothing flashy about it, but it was a few days put together where the world just seemed right.  The summer has not started off on a "smooth sailing" note for us, so getting away as our little pod of six was just what we needed.  Sometimes when you feel like you're on everyone else's time and trying to meet everyone else's needs, it's so good to just stop and take a minute to breathe.

We did this first on Thursday night as I went to scope out a spot for a photo session I had coming up.  It was at Schlitz Audubon, a nature center in Milwaukee that I quickly found out is AMAZING.  The kids were exhausted on the 40 minute drive there, having just finished their first week of summer school.  Cole was especially tired, having done summer school, then basketball and football camp, all back-to-back-to-back all throughout the week.  There was so much nagging and fighting over even the littlest of things.  I thought for sure I had made a mistake having them come with me.  But then, we stepped out into nature, and what a miraculous thing nature is.  The fighting ended, the energy in my kids came back, and we were suddenly on a grand adventure together, one that everyone enjoyed!

The waves in Lake Michigan were especially awesome that evening...

These two bicker like the best of them, but it's so funny to me, because I have photos of them holding hands or hugging on every single trail they hike.  Maybe that's my new plan of attack when they're at each other!  ;)

I couldn't get over the light and all of the beauty that was around us.  We would come up over certain hills and it was just breathtaking.

We climbed a tower that seemed to go on forever and were able to see for miles and miles on end.

How this kid got to be 10 and start acting so old, I'll never know.  But we're definitely eating up this stage with him!  I love that even though he's getting so big, he's still our little loving man who holds his dad's hand.  

Laina quickly found a turtle shell she was enamored with and Cole couldn't believe the Queen Anne's lace that was bigger than his head!

We ended our hike night with a relaxing drive along the coast of Lake Michigan and then getting ice cream.  The weekend started early with this little mini-trip....and only got more and more exciting.

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