Challenge Accepted

Today has been a challenging day.  I realize it's only 1:20 PM as I write, so there's still so much left in this day.  But there have been many challenging days leading up to this one, so it's easy to allow it to get the best of me.

Just as I was writing in my journal about how challenging today has been, I heard my kids playing outside with our neighbors who came over for the afternoon.  After a brother/sister scuffle between our neighbor kids, my girls were left with no friend over because their little buddy went home with hurt feelings from her brother.  This sort of thing is not uncommon, and, oftentimes, my kids are the culprits of these kinds of situations.  I thought it would just be commonplace for my kids and that, while the girls would be disappointed, it would just be what happened.  End of story.

BUT...they turned their disappointment into ACTION.

The next thing I knew, Laina was in the kitchen trying to find ANY ingredients we had to make her broken hearted friend a treat.  She ended up finding the ingredients for a strawberry smoothie.

Meanwhile, Maurah and Hayden put their creative hats on and created a "happy bottle," - a recycled lemon juice bottle filled with water and art supplies to shake and watch float.

When our neighbor left, she was not smiling like this!  All it took was some thoughtfulness and compassion from the girls to show her that she was loved and that she was wanted.  

It took ACTION.

Sometimes, on these challenging days, I look around and don't necessarily feel blessed.  It's easy to look at the problems in front of me instead of the goodness.  I can easily get stuck in this space, especially when the days don't seem to get easier.

But today, the girls taught me that sometimes it's best to take your disappointments and turn them into ACTION.  Take what's hurt and turn it into LOVE.  

This day that I had labeled as being so challenging has now turned into a day where I'm CHALLENGED.  

What a gift these little ladies and their huge hearts are to their mama.

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