Last night I watched the American Idol gives back show...we taped it because we do a Bible study in our home on Wed. nights. I have found that I am addicted to that show, however pointless it may be.

However, last night I was so moved by the stories told about the children in Africa. I have thought on many occasions that I would like to go to Africa and do a missions trip, but then I quickly discard it and move on with my comfy American life, figuring I couldn't make a difference anyway. But last night was different. I was trying so hard to think of a way that I could help these kids who are parentless, foodless and without medical help. It's not possible for me to send money because we have a hard enough time paying our bills, let alone having any extra to send somewhere else. The thought of actually going to Africa is pretty impossible right now too...Jake just got a full-time position in ministry, I'm doing full-time school soon, and we're juggling all of this with a 1-year old on our hips.

Then, I heard someone say, "Pray".

I know, I know, that's what I always supposed to do...pray. But is that ALL? Isn't there anything ELSE?

"Megan, what else can you do if God isn't allowing you to do it in the first place? PRAY!"

My faith was tested in that small moment in my bedroom...I wish God would open up another door except praying. It seems so trivial to do "only" that when every 30 seconds a child is orphaned by AIDS and every 3 seconds a child dies in extreme poverty. But I have to know and I have to trust that God is doesn't matter if I'm working, although I might feel better about what I'm doing then...But God is working....and is there anything else more powerful than that? No! So I'll keep praying. And I'll keep leaning. And I'll keep trusting that the Almighty has a much richer, much more powerful dream for this world than anything we can ever imagine. We are so blessed to have a Father Who cares, aren't we?

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His Servant said...

We are blessed! You've got that right. Although sometimes I think we forget our position with God. When you were a kid did you ever try to do something you couldn't do that you asked your Dad to help you with? I am happy to help my five year old. I love it that he asks and I can help! Why is it we hesitate to go to God and ask for help? What a privilege we have to ask the creator of all to help us.

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