A Feast Prepared for You

So I have to comment about an earlier post that I wrote on community and how I feel like I need it in my life for my own spiritual growth. I was doing my Bible study yesterday and read this quote by D.L. Moody:

"You know it is always regarded a great event in the family when a child can feed himself....At first perhaps he uses the spoon upside down. But by and by he handles it all right, and mother, or perhaps sister, claps her hands and says, 'Just see, baby's feeding himself!' Well, what we need as Christians is to be able to feed ourselves. How many are there who sit helpless and listless, with open mouths, hungry for spiritual things, and the minister has to try and feed them, while the Bible is a feast prepared into which they never venture."

I couldn't believe my eyes as I read. It felt like God was literally right in front of me and was, in a way, giving me what for. I have been neglecting the true value of the Word of God. I have been complaining because I don't have people to guide me along in my walk with the Lord. I have been sitting helpless and listless, hungry for spiritual things. And I have been blaming my situation with no community for my spiritual state. But it's not the fact that I don't have community. And it's not the fact that things might be better elsewhere. It's the fact that I haven't been looking at the Bible as a feast. When Moody says this, it opens my eyes to how much the Bible really is....how much it has to offer. How often do I just treat it like it's a book I have to read? I rarely go into reading my Bible recognizing it as a feast that has been prepared for me.....and that through this feast, my spiritual life will grow leaps and bounds. In Hebrews the author talks about spiritual milk and solid food....I have been choosing milk lately....much to God's dismay, I'm sure. It's just such an easy road to not pursue anything on my own. It's way easier to complain that I don't have the support I need. I suppose it's a fear....what if I still don't grow when I'm trying to learn on my own? But that's just it! It's not on my own....it's with God, through His Word....again, this feast that He has prepared. I'm so thankful that my study has provided this quote to get me thinking....I guess I'm growing just in this little study, aren't I? Funny how that happens!

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Chris said...

Hi Meg,
Your mom shared your blog site with me and I'm SO THANKFUL she did! I've only read your last two entries and God has already blessed! First, I so enjoyed reading about & seeing Cole's haircut experience. No wonder your mom is so in love with that boy!! What a cutie-pie!! Second, your insight into Community vs The Word has blessed me today on MANY levels (most of which I won't go into here but let me assure you God used you today!). It is SO TRUE....we are such a 'feed me' society, wanting the quick & easy way....yet, what could be easier than reaching out and receiving from the buffet of blessings God so richly provides fresh and new every morning?! ONLY HE can meet the depths of the needs we have because ONLY HE knit us together in our Mother's wombs and knows EXACTLY what it is we need even before we do! Jesus in the flesh (community) is wonderful but humans are still humans and 'fleshy' (if you know what I mean)....they WILL fail us and we were never meant to put our faith in humans! Each trial is nothing more than an opportunity we have to look to, lean on, love and trust God more and more. As we feed on His Word we will have the strength we need to stand and certainly know where to go when we need further nourishment!

Thank you for opening your life to be a blessing to others. It's something I've always seen in you and I know that God is using you right where you are!

God loves You, Meg, and SO DO I
Chris Lubitz

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