Things I Love About Being a SAH-Mom

  1. Waking up in the morning and knowing I don't have to hurry to get somewhere
  2. Being able to stay in my pajamas all day if I so choose
  3. Being surrounded by three little ones who love me regardless of me staying in my pajamas all day
  4. Cuddling in a blanket with Cole while he drinks his chocolate milk and watches the Disney Channel
  5. Getting little hugs and kisses all throughout the day
  6. Being the one who gets to give hugs and kisses back
  7. Teaching character traits to my children
  8. Watching the excitement in the kids' faces when they learn something new
  9. Knowing that what I'm doing will make a difference someday, even if it doesn't seem so today
  10. Knowing I'm doing what God has called me to do
  11. Snuggling my girls while they get ready for/wake up from their naps
  12. Being satisfied when I get stains out of clothing that should be impossible to get out
  13. Making a place for Jake to come home and enjoy after a day at the office
  14. Baking with Cole
  15. Hearing all of the stories Cole has to tell me
  16. Hearing the girls' sweet giggles and coos
  17. Watching the amazing imagination of a 2 1/2 year-old
  18. Building forts
  19. Building puzzles
  20. "Building" respectable little people
  21. Basking in the accomplishment of having the mound of laundry done, the dishes done and the house cleaned
  22. Accepting that those duties will begin again tomorrow, but being thankful that there is no pressure from a boss or CEO to get on top of them right away
  23. Praying with Cole at night
  24. Making a difference in the lives of my kids and my husband
  25. Just being there!
I mean this post in no way to imply that moms who work outside of the home do not enjoy these things. I just think that I forget all of the benefits I have to staying at home. I don't have someone commending me on a daily basis, nor do I have the satisfaction of bringing home a paycheck as a physical reminder that I am contributing to the family. So, while it's been a rough week with the kids, and while the idea of a vacation is about 18 years away, I just wanted to make a list of all of the things that I love about them and why I'm so glad that I have chosen to be at home with them 24/7. It's all about perspective, baby!


Jake said...

You are an amazing mom and wife. I love your perspective moments...especially when they are not about my enormous piles of unread books.

~joanne said...

Lovin all of them....especially #12..LOL!! Jake and your kids have an amazing wife/mother in you....seriously! You put me to shame....I don't always relish all those moments!

You need to print that out and hang that in the shower (so you can read every morning!)..and inside the kitchen cupboard....and next to your favorite chair.....and on your night stand!=).....

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