Blah Blah Blah

Ugh! Have you ever had those total brain freezes where you have




I feel like I've been in that stage for the last few months now. I have to apologize to all of my bloggy friends who faithfully check up on us to see how our family is doing. Unfortunately, this momma just has nothing to write! I have many ideas in my head, but they come out in the form of a;lskdjfopwerkja;cipawendcvoudoqhwig!!!

So, I've learned that when all else fails, post pictures of the kids!



~joanne said...

Hey Megan...I loved your play list...very cool....maybe after Christmas I will add!

'Mr. Mom' is my favorite....we had a ladies night one time and Theresa sang and played that song with her guitar...we all got quite a chuckle!

If you haven't listened to that one....check out!

Megan said...

Yes! I love that song! It gives me a little giggle too! :) Jake is a wonderful dad and sometimes when I'm just plain worn out I ask him if he'd like to switch me jobs. He always says no..... hmmm....why is that I wonder?? lol

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