A Cleaning Dream!

Yesterday evening the sun was shining through our kitchen window. Cole and I had been upstairs watching a movie together when he ran downstairs to see if Jake would take him outside. The next thing I heard was Cole yelling, "LOOK!! FIREFLIES!" We couldn't figure out what he was talking about, until I walked downstairs and saw his "fireflies" - or, um, little "dusties" that were floating in the sunshine. I would normally see those and think to myself, "Ugh, now I have to clean some more." But from now on, I will think, fireflies, and will be more incline to let them be. So if you come to our home and see our collection of fireflies, just know how privileged you really are. And hey! If it keeps the little guy happy, who am I to go and ruin his fun?

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~joanne said...

Way to think outside the box Cole!

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