Wisdom of a Three Year-Old

While driving to church with Jake last night, Cole had some great things to say. Here are a few stories:

Before they left the house...
M - "Bye, Cole, I love you."
C - "Bye, Mom, I love you too. Make sure you call your mom if you need help!"

While driving past Cole's doctor's office...
C - "Dad, did you know Dr. Sud blows bubbles?"
J - "He does? Can I blow bubbles?"
C - "Yep, and then you can be a doctor!"

J - "Cole, I love you so much."
C - "Why?"
J - "Well, you're my son and God made you."
C - "Yeah, and I was broken but then God fixed me."
J - "When were you broken?"
C - "You know, I was broken! But God put me back together."

The sweetness....I have no words.

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