SUMMER IS HERE! Where's my Tylenol?

This posting has absolutely nothing to do with this picture of Hayden. I just think it's so darn cute and wanted to share it with the world...well, the very small fraction of the world that reads this blog!

This is a post of the "see ya' later" fashion. Going through our calendar the other morning, I discovered that our family has a total of two to three days at a time throughout the whole summer that we are together, just the five of us. Between missions trips, family reunions, garage sales and bridal showers, we are making six trips back and forth to Michigan between now and August...starting tomorrow. Throw in some visits from friends and family heading down our way along with our youth group events and VBS, and you've got one busy summer! We keep laughing because Cole has seen a different person every day this week - so glad he loves people and that all of these people love him so much!

We are super excited because on the schedule for tomorrow is a birthday breakfast celebration for Jake, a play date with all of our church friends at the park, and then off to my parents' for a visit and to wait for my new little niece to arrive on Friday (Heather is scheduled for an induction - I can't call 'em that closely!). Saturday we are going to my Grandma's apartment complex to enjoy their annual pig roast before heading home to prepare for our kids' ministry Sunday morning. My aunt, cousin and her girls are coming for a few days' visit on Monday and Jake gets home from his trip that night too. Give us two days of normalcy and hit the repeat button.

While things are crazy, I do have some projects that I'm going to attempt as well. They include painting the girls' bedroom, painting our living room, making and trying out cleaning supplies (window washer, Oxyclean, pre-wash spray etc.) and laundry soap, making more strawberry freezer jam and reading a good book here and there. I'll let you know how those things turn out! Hopefully, I'll have something more thoughtful to write the next time I'm on here. Even with no words, you can be sure I'll post pictures!

Hope you're all having great summers!


~joanne said...

I can't believe how quickly you decide to paint! It takes me, like a year, to gear up to paint a wall!

Megan said...

It's easy to get excited about painting when you're pregnant and your husband insists on doing it for you. =)

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