Where've We Been?

I really think I need to dust off my computer keys since I haven't been on here in such a long time!  The last I left, I was rambling about how busy we would be. Honestly, we've been doing so much that I figured just a little photo album would be enough to fill you all in!  So - what have we been up to?

We've been decorating Easter eggs
and fighting over who got to hold the bowl - (notice all of the hands at the base and Hayden telling me, "Mine!"  :) )
We've been celebrating our friends' marriage
We've been celebrating Christ's resurrection
We've been hunting for Easter eggs
We've been celebrating all the cuteness!

As I post pictures and write, it seems like we haven't been as busy as I've felt!  I should have more to show for all of this time away!  Really, though, we've been on the go and life is just starting to ease into "normal" life.  I'll post more on that later!

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