Cake Time!

We picked Jake up at the train station on Thursday morning (did you notice at all he wasn't with us this whole time?) and it was so wonderful to be reunited again.  We got going on the plans for the girls' birthday party which was just a bit of grocery shopping left.  All we needed next were the Roszkowskis and we had ourselves a party!  Here is Kelsey Paige before the party - isn't she the sweetest?
I had really been craving grilled chicken, especially with the nice weather we were having.  My sweet hubby was happy to fulfill this need in my life so it was marinated grilled chickies with cheesy potatoes and salad for dinner.  Let me tell you - I ate a load of food!  I don't think we had leftovers of anything!
The girls' cake was made by a good friend from church, Laura Smith.  Doesn't she do an amazing job?  The twins are really into Veggie Tales right now, hence the theme of their birthday.  I got them Veggie Tales birthday shirts too but I'm pretty sure you'll only see Hayden's in these pictures because Maurah covered hers in ketchup - a very Maurah thing to do!
Singing "Happy Birthday" to the very special birthday girls!
Ready, set,
BLOW!  I'm pretty sure she really was blowing here, even though it looks like she was about to eat the candle!
What kind of birthday princess are you if you can't sneak some of the frosting?
AJ and Cole were fans of the cake too!
Pardon this shot - it's the only one I have to show of everyone there!
YUM!  I'm pretty sure Hayden liked it.  What do you think?

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