Christmas, part 2

In the middle of December we took a trip to Michigan for the big Manne Christmas party.  I am kicking myself that I didn't get more photos of the actual party!  But I guess we can only handle the Christmas cuteness in smaller doses.

Don't you love Maurah's look here?  She totally screams "Christmas spirit," don't you think?

And here's another one, straight at me.  The problem with this child?  She wanted to have her OWN photo, no, she's definitely no diva. :)

Oh, THERE we go!  A smile!  Merry Christmas to me.

Cole and cousin Leto decided they would get in on the picture action as soon as they heard me bribing the girls with M&Ms...gets 'em every time. :)

Sweet cousins

Rach and I were so hot in our Target boots, we just had to take a pic!  LOL

At the party making reindeer food...

They look suspicious of something, don't they?  I think they were closely watching wrapped presents being put out, as any good Christmas detective would!

Maurah was Grandma's snuggle bug at the sweet.

Laina's favorite part?  The chocolate!!!  I'm telling you, I'm totally rubbing off on these kids in all the right ways.

Okay, this one needs an explanation.  The adults had the kids downstairs while we did our gift time together.  The game: bring a gift, white elephant style or nice, wrap it up and put one word on the label that describes the gift.  We then auctioned each of the gifts off, based on the word, and raised money for a family whose house had burned down.  The kids ended up coming upstairs in a line, as if we were being invaded!  The sat right down and, all of the sudden, started raising their hands for the bids, bidding their parents' money.  It was hilarious!  So this photo just cracks me up.

I'm sure these girls will just love that they're the grand finale to this blog post but aren't they just pretty?  I love them.  And I love this picture.

More Christmas fun to come!  Are you tired of it yet?

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