Christmas, part 3

Still in Michigan, we went to our home church on Sunday morning.  The girls were super excited that I let them wear their Christmas dresses a week early.  The funniest thing about church, that I wish I had a photo of, is the fact that the preschoolers were singing in front of church that day.  So, Leto and Cole ended up right up front with the other kids, singing songs they had never heard before.  At one point, bells were ringing when they weren't supposed to be...but I'm sure it wasn't the visiting kids...I'm just sure of it. :)

Who are these kids on this ornament?  Where have they gone?!?

The girls' table...

On our way back from Michigan, we made a quick, but so wonderful, surprise visit to my Grandma's.  It was so fun to knock on her door, walk in and see the look on her face.  The kids walked in like they owned the place, too.  So much so, Laina had the wise men from Grandma's Nativity set giving each other kisses.  Ha!  My Grandma is 90 - can you even believe it?  Check out these way!!

Grandma spoiling the kids with sugary snacks and Hayden being her big helper:

On the road again, back to Wisconsin we go!  Beautiful sky to light our way...

I just love this messy little face!

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