And the Winners Are...

Well, Jake and I are making our names for the twins public knowledge now. They are:

Maurah Kate and Hayden Charis

Maurah is pronounced like Laura and then the "ch" in Charis sounds like /k/ and the "a" is a /long a/ sound. I'm so excited that we're telling because I felt awful when people would ask me what our names are and I'd have to respond with, "I can't tell you." Jake and I realized today that neither of us really minded and felt like we had to keep it a secret, so I have no idea why we didn't just tell people to begin with! But maybe it's better this way because we've had them for a while and know that we don't want to change them. Just a few more months and we'll get to meet Maurah and Hayden!

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~joanne said...

Cute..I've never heard of Maurah.


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