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Just a bit o' news from the Manne homefront:

A new favorite of mine from Maurah: This is really one of the first pictures I've ever gotten of her with her eyes open. It may be just another picture to you, but trust me - with 4370 photos in our Kodak gallery and maybe a handful of Maurah with her eyes open, it's a moment for us!


A new favorite of mine from Hayden: I love how she turns her head to the side like this. She's a real thinker, who constantly analyzes her toys with a very serious look on her face. It's so funny when we're talking and she looks at us like this - I'll bet she'll grow up to be a therapist or a ministry worker! HaHa!
Both of the girls are working on crawling. Maurah seems to be more persistent in it than Hayden at this point. As soon as you sit her down, she's reaching to be moving somewhere else! I can't believe we're at this stage already. I keep thinking they're too young, but they make sure to prove me wrong!


We have painted! Well, Jake has painted more like it! But Cole and I started - here is a look at our handy work! Don't be alarmed - it looks like a mix of a dirty diaper or Hershey's kisses melted on the wall. However, it looks amazing now that it's done. It's the entryway from the side door and the stairwell down to our basement. It makes our kitchen look so much better! So I would recommend Hershey's kisses to anyone!

Last night, Cole was playing my Grandpa's harmonica, which he lovingly referred to as a whistle. It was really sweet for me to watch him, knowing that my Grandpa would have loved Cole so much. He would have loved all of my kids, I'm sure, but Cole has very similar interests to my Grandpa. Unfortunately, he never got to meet him, as my Grandpa passed away two weeks before Cole was born. I often watch Cole play with trains or airplanes and think of how God provided me with a piece of my Grandpa through him. So last night, as Cole was breathing in and out on the harmonica, I was reminded of how Grandpa would play every Christmas, my mom at the piano and my Aunt Beth singing along to 'O Holy Night'. What a special memory to have renewed right after this Christmas season! I felt warm and at home inside. Isn't it wonderful how children are such a gift in and of themselves but how God can use them to bring back memories of loved ones who are with Him? Of course, I took a picture!

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Lindsay said...

Grandpa would have gotten such a kick out Cole. I have no doubt that all the other great-grandkids would have been loved by their "Bubba" as well but I think Cole would have held a special place in his heart because of all their similar interests. Scratch that....I think Cole DOES hold a special place in his heart.

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