Visit to Michigan - Stop 3

Continuing the birthday celebrations...

Our third and final stop on what is now lovingly known as the birthday tour was at my parents' house.  The kids didn't sleep one bit from Grandma's to my parents', so I wasn't sure how they would do the rest of the evening.  Apparently, if you have a yard to play in, you can make it through anything!  The kids LOVED being outside again.
 They went for wagon rides,
 played "tag" with Grandpa,
 went down the slide,
showed off some sweet tricks,
 and just enjoyed some good, old-fashioned running around.
Oh, we also checked out our shadows!  Okay, so I was the only one who cared, but do you see how long my legs are?  For once, this shorty can say she sported some long, lean legs - and I wasn't wearing heels!  Ha!  Honestly, with all of this fun, we need to get ourselves a yard!

Next on the to-do list was to open Cole's birthday gifts from my parents since they wouldn't see him on his actual party day.  Being the controlling nut that I am, I wanted to be sure that his gifts didn't interfere with the girls' gifts - because I guarantee they would develop a complex from their second birthday being shared by their brother and the therapy bills would leave Jake and I homeless.

I'm sure of it.
Maurah dressed up for the occasion.
The birthday boy opening a fun new game - and really, it is really fun!  I'm glad to be getting out of the baby games with him and playing real games like Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land and now Cariboo Island!  I might lose every time I play with him but that's another story for another day.
This is the "Mom's making me pose and I don't really know how to" picture.  :)
Hayden's turn for the shades - this girl is too cool!

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Emily said...

Oh Megs you are too funny!! LOVIN' all the pictures! Keep 'em comin'!

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