Blogs and Beaches

Once again, I got the bloggy designing bug!  I just haven't been able to find a crisp, clean looking blog format so it's taken me a while and many attempts to finally get one I'm happy with.  However, I have done it!  Hold me to this, I am not changing the look of my blog for a very long time!  Seriously, hold me to it because three months (okay, weeks) from now, I'll be changing my mind again.  Some people change the look of their house...I change the look of my blog.  It's quicker and cheaper, which I know my guy is thankful for.  I'm sure he's also thankful for the fact that when I'm in the mood for some bright pinks and oranges, he doesn't have to be watching TV in the midst of them!  Ha!  All of this to say, thanks for not turning away and running every time you see all the changes going on over here!

On another note, we had a beach day this week!  Woohoo!  Thursday morning, we loaded ourselves into the van, all slathered with SPF 50 and headed to New Buffalo, MI where we spent a glorious afternoon on the most beautiful beach I've been in a long time.  The Michigander in me was so happy to be on a finely sanded on the East side of Lake Michigan (sorry to all of my fellow Hoosiers, but our beaches are all filled with rocks!).  We were a bit nervous about beaching it because last year this time, it was awful.  Hayden didn't like the sand, I was a pregnant whale at six months along amongst bathing beauties and it was hot, hot, hot!  Jake isn't usually a fan of the beach either.  He says he's just not a sand sort of guy.  But this time, friends...this time was wonderful.  
It was also a baby book filler as it was Laina's first trip to the beach!  Here's our little beach baby in all of her beachy cuteness.  
We received many comments on what a sweet family we were.  Sometimes I think it's so funny that people assume we're sweet just by looking at us.  Although, I guess I understand because, to be honest, I have picked my kids' doctors just by looking at their pictures online.  If they look friendly, I decide I like them.  So far, it's worked!
 Anyway, I think we just ask for a lot of attention with our four little ones in tow.  It doesn't hurt that they are incredibly cute either!  
 It was so wonderful, we're already planning on heading back in the not-too-far future.  Our goal is to get our kids to actually go into the lake by the end of summer.  For now, it's fun just to let them think they're brave by stepping a little step closer to shore and then running away when a wave breaks.  
To cap it off, here are my five most favorite people in the whole world.  Aren't they gorgeous? 


~joanne said...! Glad you enjoyed some of Lake Michigan. We do have the best beaches in the world!!

Emily said...

Oh how fun!! Makes me want to pack up the girlies and head to the beach sometime next week. I can't get enough of Laina's pudginess!! Sweet girl!!

Megan said...

I know! Isn't Laina's pudginess the best?? And Joanne, you're so right....Michigan does have the best beaches in the world!! :)

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