Circle Tour - 2010

Friday night, Jake and I went to see Bon Jovi in concert at Soldier Field in Chicago!  Our great friends, Kori and Tim, invited us to go with them.  How could we refuse?  Along with 60,000 other fans, we - well,  Kori and I - belted out song after song, all a part of 27 years of the band's music.   

27 years, people!  That's when I was born!!!  I think Jon and I must be connected in some way for that very reason.  I'm sure of it. 

Here are some pics from the night.  I hope they turn out okay since I only had my point-and-shoot.
My favorite part about being at the concert is that Kori has waited for 23 years to see them live.  She has a whole story where she had tickets in high school but then wasn't able to go.  It was so fun to see her so excited!  She couldn't keep a smile off her face.  I loved it!
Ah!!!!  I love him.  Don't worry.  Jake knows.  He's not concerned about my love for a 48 year-old man.  Which, by the way, eww.  It's way grosser when he's described that way.  Let's just go back to calling him Jon.  Or Bon Bon.  Yes, he is that cute, he needs a pet name.
Tico, Richie, Jon and David.  I've decided Tico looks just like one of the husbands on New Jersey Houswives, Richie needs some help in the style department and David has GOT to change his hair, which he hasn't for the last many decades.  Bon Bon is just fine the way he is.

I really can't believe that I've seen Bon Jovi in concert TWICE in my life already!  My sister took me for my 16th birthday and that was incredible too!  I'm still geeked about it all today. 

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