Lance Armstrong's got nothing on me!

I'm running a marathon!

Well, not really.  But I'm conducting my own sort of marathon experiment at home.  Marathon as in, cleaning marathon.  Considering it's my entire house that needs help, it's more like a triathlon.

It is my intention that every day for the next two weeks, I will work on one room a day, completely deep cleaning and organizing from top to bottom.  I've had it.  The clutter has got to GO!

I thought about putting in order what rooms I will be doing but I can guarantee that I wouldn't stick to it.  The entire reason I'm putting this on the blog is so I can be held accountable to get our house in order!  So instead, I'll just tackle the room that is bothering me most when I wake up in the morning.

You might be wondering what your job in this is.  Well, bloggy friends, it's to 1) not judge me based on the before pics and 2) just keep reading so I have the motivation to keep going!

I'm working on the girls' room today.  Check back tomorrow! 

1 comment:

Emily said...

You go girl!! Maybe you'll motivate me too! :)

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