Off to Wisconsin

The house is eerily quiet except for the rocking out of David Crowder and the swishing of the washing machine.

The kids are at my parents' and are staying there this weekend while Jake and I head to Hartland, Wisconsin to candidate at a church there.

I am praying so hard for God's will.  I'm praying that God's will is this.  It all seems so great from a distance and I'm praying that it really is how it appears.

Would you mind praying for us this weekend?  I'm hopeful that we've finally found our "forever home"...or at least our "10-15 years home."

Thanks for all of you who read this and who keep us in your prayers.  You've helped me become a deep believer in the power of prayer!

1 comment:

~joanne said...

I'll be praying for you tonight as I go to bed and tomorrow as I rise! May your decision be clear!

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