Dear Laina Rose,

I want to remember you just this way at just this time.  Everything about you is so much fun.  If I could freeze time with you, I would choose now.

I love how you wake up and I hear you saying, "Mama".

I love how you play peek-a-boo with Dad over my shoulder. 

I love how you play peek-a-boo all by yourself and smack your head silly covering up your eyes.  Not one of us is able to keep a straight face when you do this!

I love, love, love when you lay your head on my shoulder and give me a sweet snuggle.  Makes my day every time.

I love how you scrunch your nose when you smile.

I love how your eyes so easily sparkle.

I love how you dance to music and sing "Buzz Buzz."

I love singing "Lida Rose" to you from the Music Man, inserting your name instead.  You have no idea what I'm doing but someday I hope you think it's special. 

I love watching you with other kids.  You are not the least bit intimidated by anyone, no matter their size.  Your friendly personality is contagious.

I just love holding you and squishing you as tightly as I can.  As hard as I try to not think of you as my baby, you are.  And I'm sorry to tell you that this probably won't go away soon.  I already tear up thinking of you starting school someday and not being home with me all day.  So just be prepared for when you're 16 and want to drive and date.  It's not going to be an easy time for either of us!

But for now, this is you and I love the now with you.


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Anonymous said...

Megan, I love your blog! I especially love your pictures of your kids, and your words about and to them. I love how much you enjoy them. The Christmas tree picture with all four of them is so precious. Thanks for sharing!
Love you guys,
Miss Tracie :)

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