Hayden Charis

Dear Hayden,

You are 3!  You have grown and learned so much in this last year.  You add such a light to our family and bring joy beyond belief.  Here are three things I love about you right now:

1.  I love how you always remind us to do our "happy parts and sad parts" at supper.  There isn't a night we don't share how our day went with each other because you are so interested in everyone's day...or, at least, in sharing yours.  :)

2.  I love how you pray!  You are so sincere and genuine in your prayers and I just know your little voice speaking into God's ears brings even more joy to Him than it does to me.

3.  I love, love, LOVE how you ask to watch your "sick movie" (the slideshow I made of you and Maurah in the hospital) and how you sing David Crowder's "How He Loves Us" at the top of your lungs.  Three years ago today, this is a moment I never thought I would see.

4.  I love your love for music and dancing!  One of my favorite things you say to me is, "Mommy, when I'm in the movie do I get to sing and dance?"   You've got rhythm and excitement for life like no 3 year-old I've ever seen and it makes me so happy to watch you!

(And I couldn't limit myself to three...again...)

I love you, Baby B, my Badies and my sweet, brown-eyed girl!  Happy Birthday!



Jean said...

Tears.... Beautiful girls... sweet words, precious memories.... God is so very very good.

Anonymous said...

As I read both of your birthday girl posts, Great Is Thy Faithfulness starts playing in my mind and I'm reminded of how we prayed for these two precious girls and how amazing our God is! I love that Hayden sings along with her "sick movie" and already knows how much God loves her! Looking at their NICU pictures I am struck with how sick they were and how no one would even think for a moment now that the girls were ever so sick or so tiny. They are beautiful and delightful and I celebrate with you!! Love, Tracie

Anonymous said...

How I remember praying for these two precious 'gifts from God'....it's been fun to watch the miracles they are grow into these two wonders of God's grace and love. God has something special for them and you all as you treasure the gifts you were given. God Bless You One and ALL!
Chris Lubitz

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