Maurah Kate

Dear Maurah Kate,

Today is a day to celebrate you!  I cannot believe that you are 3 years old already!  You are such a gift to have in our family and you bring so much love to all of us!  Here are three things I'm loving about you right now:

1.  I love how you take care of everyone...if Laina is crying, you bring her blankie to her.  If I need something, you are the first to come and help me.  Even if it's a complete stranger of a child crying in the store, you are concerned.  Your heart for people is so tender and loving.

2.  I love how you wear your pink Dora sunglasses wherever you go, no matter what you're doing...even to go to the bathroom!  It is so cute when you push them up on your head, holding your hair back and you look like a little lady.

3.  I love your voice.  It is somewhat deep and very raspy...when you say words, they are so adorable!  I really hope your voice stays like this forever.

4.  I love how you hug me at night, patting my back so gently...some days I think I need your hugs more than you need mine!

(Okay, I couldn't limit myself to three...)

You are my Baby A, my Maurah-Bora, my little Bear.  I love you!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


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