He's stolen my heart

Cole is growing into such a great young boy. As much as I still want to consider him my baby, there is nothing "baby" about him. He is very verbal, which can make life crazier or more calm, depending on the moment. The thing I'm noticing the most though, is how great of a heart he has. Jake was leaving for work this morning and Cole said, "Bye, Dad! I love you!" What a joy to hear that come out of his mouth with no encouragement from either of us. He loves the girls just the same too, constantly wanting to snuggle them or give them a blanket. He talks to them in the sing-song voice we do too, saying, "Hell-o-o! Hi, pretty gwiwly (girly)! Hi, baby gwil!"

Some famous quotes include:

"You okay?" - said when we hurt ourselves, cough, sneeze, or he knocks us down in wrestling. And he doesn't give up asking until he's assured that we truly are okay.

"Thank you!" - now unprompted and sometimes even before you give him what he asked for!

"Oh, that's fun!" - said very emphatically about everything from building with blocks to changing the babies' diapers to us doing yardwork

"Play me!" - his sweet request given many times throughout the day - heartbreaking when I have to respond that I can't play at that moment

His imagination is growing like crazy right now and it is so fun to talk to him about the monkeys outside our windows (squirrels) or why his toys have to sit in time out.

He enjoys reading his Bible, especially about Adam and Cain. (Not sure exactly why he always lumps those two together, but we'll take it!)

Even with the toddler tantrums, he's a pretty easy boy. I count to "1" and he's doing what I've asked him to do (the max is 3). What's funny is that I've never even gotten to 3, so he doesn't even know the consequence at the end. (Once again, not sure why that is, but we'll take it!) =)

He is by far not perfect (see previous post for an example) but we are enjoying this stage of life with him so much. "2" definitely has its challenges, but I'm finding it more rewarding than any age he's ever been. For the first time, I am starting to see some of the fruits of our labor. And what a blessing it is!


Michele said...

I couldn't help but notice you are from Indiana, too. I'm located about 30 miles south of Indy. Keep up with the counting to 3 thing. I actually started it when my kids were young. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Then I read "123 Magic" and it is the techniques for counting to 3. It's an awesome book!

~joanne said...

It's so fun to read what you've written about those 'two's'...it's hard for me to remember back that far. But reading your blog makes me remember when everything was a new discovery for them and how fun it was to hear them talk..I miss that little voice.

Keep up the great job you guys are doing!! It will reap great dividends!! (they are out of this world *Ü*)

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