Leto and Lexi

Yea!  We were reunited with our nephew, Leto and new niece, Lexi, this weekend!  We were so excited to see them again (along with their mom, Rachael) after not seeing each other since January.  We lived about 5 minutes apart for the first eight months of Cole's life while we were in Michigan and spent at least three days a week with each other, so the transition of the Pendleton's living in Alabama and us in Indiana has been one that was difficult at times.  Especially since Rachael and I were expecting at the same time again and we knew we couldn't make the trip to visit each other and our new babies.  So Sunday was a special day when we could visit again.  And the kids and I will be traveling up to Michigan this next Sunday to spend even more time with them.  We can't wait!  Cole is already missing his buddy, Leto.  And I can guarantee that many more fun pictures will come from that trip!
Jake tried to convert Leto with his hat (Leto's dad, Mike, is a Fighting Irish - uh oh!)
Aunt Megan and my first niece, Lexi Em!
Uncle Jake and Lexi
Best Buddies

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