Just wondering...

Why is it that much more fun for a 2 year old to dump all of his toys out at the same time?

Much to Jake's enjoyment, I have gone as far as taking pictures of Cole's toys and making signs to put on his toy bins so that he is able to put his toys away, where they belong, mostly on his own. My husband gets a giggle out of what he calls my "teacher mode". I thought it was a brilliant idea. Well, it was a brilliant idea in my head, at least.

The picture went something like this:

Cole wants to play Mr. Potato Head? He opens the drawer with Mr. Potato Head, and plays with the little spud. He wants to play with his cars? First, he puts Mr. Potato Head and all of his accessories away, then he gets out his bin with the cars.

After all, isn't that what the gazillion of toys in his room are for? To play with them?

Is this a funny concept? What am I missing here?

Oh. Maybe the fact that he's a 2 year old.

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Amanda Gail Miller said...

It must be a 2 yr old thing. Sounds exactly like Abby. I put all the toys away and then she thinks they all just need to be all over the floor. She does sometimes put them away but usually only when she's told =).

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