Mannes x 9

Did you know that we actually have nine people living in our house? Yep - count 'em. Nine.

We've acquired three of Cole's imaginary friends, Knighty, Mighty, and Spidy. It all began almost a year ago when Knighty showed up. Out of the blue, he popped in to say hello, and he's been frequenting our home ever since. Although now, he stays much longer and talks much more than he did before. And, he's added two of his friends to the mix! I am so glad these guys don't eat a lot because I've already had to raise our grocery budget twice in this last year! Ha!

The other day I asked Cole to make me some food from the kids' kitchen set. I heard him talking in his regular voice and then I heard this high-pitched, silly voice come from his mouth. Apparently, folks, this is Knighty. Knighty helped Cole decide what to make as I listened to my adorable preschooler's voice dialogue with his squeaky friend. It just cracks me up.

Here is Cole wrapping his tent for Knighty with his bedsheet because it was Knighty's birthday.

Look at how proud he is. Seriously - how could I ever tell him his friends aren't real? Well - if he's 12 and is still looking for Knighty, we will most likely be having that discussion! Ha!

But for now, I enjoy having Knighty and the gang around. They've become a part of our family in many ways. They've eaten many meals with us, go to church with us, spend holidays with us and, uncomfortably, they've even been in the bathroom at the same time as me. If that doesn't get you personal with someone quick, I don't know what does! Ha! Mostly, I love that they make Cole happy and that my little guy's imagination is big and beautiful. I love watching him grow in this way.

Besides, it doesn't hurt that they're potty trained...

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