Oh Blogger, how I love thee...

I have an addiction.

I can't help it.

Maybe it's the sleep I'm actually getting now.

Maybe it's because, in my unbiased opinion, my kids are so darn cute. Really. They should be shared with the world.

Maybe my brain is actually functioning and I feel like we're past surviving our crazy life, but we're now thriving too.

Whatever it is, I've come back to the blogging world.

I'm sure the only people to read this will be family and friends which I'm good with. In fact, I like it that way. It's more intimate. Cozy, if you will.

Besides, I'm not sure if many of my posts will be about anything more than our kids....maybe yes, maybe no. My brain is functioning, but I don't know if its pools are incredibly deep yet! So, for my first returning post, here's something to give you a smile.
Oh, I just can't get enough of her!


Emily said...

Yes your kids are ADORABLE and deserve their own blog! :) Plus, I love your writing. Yay!!

Ae (Otherwise Known as Amber) said...

Glad to have you back! She's getting so big :) Can't wait to see more pics and more updates.

Megan said...

Thanks, Amber! I'm excited to see you're a fellow blog writer too! And Em, thanks for agreeing my kids are adorable....this family is full of cuties and smarties! Ha!

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