Pray for Baby Jonah!

I was just goofing around checking out new blogs when I came across the blog of Patrice and Matt Williams. I was instantly attracted to their site because of their baby boy's pictures in the NICU. Any time I see a baby in the NICU, I am reminded of Maurah and Hayden and I can't help but read the stories of these precious children.

Please take the time to read the Williams' story and to keep them in your prayers. I have never heard of the disease that sweet Jonah has and can't imagine how his parents face every day. It just brings me back to the reality that I have absolutely nothing to complain about and how I need to remember just how blessed I really am with my four healthy kids. The love that Patrice and Matt have for Jesus and the hope they find in Him amazes me. I will continue to follow their story and to pray for their beautiful baby boy. I hope you will do the same!

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