A Night Out on the Town!

Last night Jake and I took our good friends, DJ and Laura, out to dinner for Laura's birthday. Her birthday was actually at the end of December, but we're not focusing on the fact that we were a month behind in getting together! :)
We went to a restaurant called Cafe Gejas in downtown Chicago. It's a fondue restaurant that seems to be known for wonderful wines too, as you can tell from our backgrounds! We stuck with water ourselves...I almost ordered a Coke, but realized that this place was too good for something like Coke! Ha!
We had an appetizer of bread, grapes, and apples that we dipped in a really rich cheese sauce. Our main meal was an enormous platter of chicken with lots of good veggies and eight dipping sauces. My favorite was the onion cooked in the oil and dipped in horseradish sauce. It tasted just like a Bloomin' Onion from the Outback! Yeah, there I go again with my oh-so-refined taste buds of Coke and onion rings! Dessert was delicious. It was a flaming chocolate sauce where we roasted marshmallows and then dipped fruits like strawberries, pineapple and apples in along with some pound cake. As Rachael Ray would say, YUM-O! I think my favorite part of the meal though was my coffee that was served with homemade whipped cream instead of half-and-half. Delish.
Here we all are! That darn mirror was pretty to sit by, but I'm annoyed about the flash in this pic. I'll have to play around with my editing stuff to try and get rid of it. Grrr! Anyway, Happy Friday!

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