Prayers Answered!

Well, friends, it's been a long time!  I am happy to report that I am back in the land of the Internet!


Jake and I have moved into a nice little home in Sparta, the next town over from good ol' K.C., and have been prepping our home for holiday fun ever since we stepped in the door.  I have been praying so hard for a place of our own since Jake's parents so graciously allowed us to live with them.  I have to be honest, though...we bring a lot of loot with us since we have four little ones and a lot of time, our "loot" can be in the form of some pretty awesome tantrums.  It is NOT easy being consistent and dealing with those things in someone else's home.  So now, we're all cozy in our little house where I can allow "screaming it out" galore!  Ha!

Boy, has it been a crazy few months.  My last post was a sincerely sad one about my friend Amy.  Three weeks later, we got a call from a former student of ours, saying that another dear friend had passed away.  This news was devastating.  Our friend, Larry, is "Miss Donna's" husband, and dad to one of my best friends and favorite students.  We spent the week with the Krygiers and are so thankful that my parents could watch the kids so we could have that time with them.

A couple more weeks later, my dad was in a very scary car accident.  Thankfully, everyone was okay but there was definitely concern to be had.  I sat in my in-laws' backyard and cried so hard.  All of this tragedy, Jake not hearing anything on a job front and other surprising events happening in loved ones' lives around us - it was a time that I started to doubt God.  Not His existence, but whether His plan really was perfect.  Why wasn't He moving the way we needed Him to?  Was Jake being punished for stepping away from the ministry position he had?  Would we ever be in ministry again?  Would these hearts, so aching, ever be mended?

Of course, God always proves that He is never-changing, never-failing, and always perfect.  He's always working behind the scenes.  While we see a dry desert before us, He sees every grain of sand and how they are all pieced together.

Jake and I had come to a point where we could depend on no one else but God.  I think - no, I know - God really likes it that way.  We knew we had to get into our own place by December 6th for family reasons (which you'll see in a moment).  Check out what's happened just in this last week:

  • Would you believe that He gave us a home on December 5th?!  We fit perfectly in our 3-bed ranch!
  • Jake began working at a factory on the 6th as a temporary job.  He was pretty much guaranteed to only have a week of work.  We were nervous about what would happen in January when we had no income.  THEN - Jake was given at least one more week of work and most likely two!
  • Jake received a call and some emails from a few different churches who are interested in him!  We were really wondering how long it would be before we'd be back in full-time ministry - a passion and love we just can't be rid of!  We are super excited to see where all of this goes.
God is so great.  He does always provide RIGHT when we need it.  He knows so much better than we do what is best for us.  I seem to need this reminder constantly.  Could you please join with us in praying for a couple of things?
  • Jake also has a couple of tests to take for a job with the city of Grand Rapids which will more than cover all of our monthly bills!  Please pray that he passes these tests and it's the Lord's will for him to have this job.  We would know that we would be financially secure for the next few months then....although, depending on the Lord to provide for our daily needs is a pretty exciting adventure.  :)
  • That the kids would adjust well to their new home.  So far, they're loving it but we still need to settle in a bit more.  I am really praying that having our own place will allow us a bit more consistency with them and that I can find a good routine for all of us again.  These last few days have been a bit tricky.
  • Please pray that something might work out with one of these churches.  One in particular is incredibly attractive to us and they are being so supportive with us wanting to stay here until Cole finishes his school year.  This particular church is in the Milwaukee area.  While we don't want to be far away from family again, we are really missing serving God through full-time ministry and pray that our wait won't be long.
 Here is our newest blessing that came on December 6th, just as planned!  My sister-in-law, Emily, and her husband, Matt, had their firstborn son, Jameson Matthew Teesdale!

I'm so happy for them!  I am thrilled beyond measure that we live close to them now so we can snuggle this little guy as often as we want.

And Cole is loving that he has another boy cousin!

Isn't he just precious?  Congratulations, Emily and Matt!!


~joanne said...

Megan you really have the gift of writing! You always make your struggles seem so easy!

Hang in there..Gods got something special for your family!

Megan said...

Thank you, Joanne! As I write, I feel like I'm fumbling through it all so I'm glad it makes sense! :) And thank you for your encouragement....the Lord is working and I can't wait to see what He has in store!

Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back on line. Not only do I enjoy seeing the pictures you provide but it helps me to know how to pray for you. Milwaukee is an 'interesting' possibility because (as I'm sure you know) that would make you only about an hour I think from our Tia-smile). MY experience with our Father is that He is never late with HIS plans for us and in the meantime we are to learn to submit, wait, trust and try to stay out of the way...for me, THAT'S the hard part. You are growing SO WELL through the trials and learning to 'count it all joy'. NOT that it is joyful but there are (as you know) hidden blessings. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas with you family carrying on traditions to last a lifetime and beyond. You were blessed to be a blessing, Meg.....and you truly are!!
Chris Lubitz

Faders said...

Love you Megan and really enjoyed reading your last blog. It's good to hear a little more of what's been happening in your life. I'm so glad we have a date set to see you. I hope it will work out. Can't wait to hear more about what God is doing with you guys.
Love Bethany

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