Cole's Bday, Part 1

It's not often you get to have two birthday parties.  It also might not be often that people get sick and have to reschedule holiday get-togethers.  But in our house, that's not uncommon one bit.  I can't count the number of things we've had to reschedule due to someone getting sick.  So when the girls took a turn for the worst the weekend of Cole's party, I figured it was just our family's luck.  There was the temptation to just cancel it overall, but not only was Cole looking forward to it for a long time, I was too!  There was a lot of work and heart put into his special day and I wasn't about to let that go to waste.  So for the first party, it was just a family party where we had Subway (his favorite because "it's healthy") ;) and Texas Sheetcake...not so healthy, but he was still okay with it.  :) 

 He got to open his present from Jake's parents and sister and exclaimed that he finally had a Leapster "just like Leto!"  His expression was so great.
We had to give him his present too...I was waiting way too long to get him a big boy bike which he wasn't too sure about at first.  However, by that evening, he was cruising around the driveway like nobody's business.  

 And can I just point incredible do his baby blues look in these pics?  I love them...and the boy who owns them!!!

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