Okay, I'm finally getting caught up on my journaling about all that's happened.  Whatever happened to the month of March by the way?  Oh, that's came somewhere between the three birthday parties, tons of photo shoots and packing, right?  At least, I'm pretty sure it was in there somewhere!  

Well, one of the most fun things that happened in March is the twins and I got to go and have a girls' time and get our hair done together.  This is the very first, real haircut the girls have ever had.  It was about time at the age of 3!

Have I ever written about how the girls fall asleep?  They hold their stuffed elephants tight to them and roll their heads back and forth on their pillows.  And when I say "roll," I don't mean a gentle rocking.  No, this is what you'd see at a heavy metal concert!  Sometimes I can hear them all the way in the living room, they're rocking so hard.  I have no idea how they never gave themselves shaken baby syndrome.  One time, when we were living with Jake's parents in Michigan and Cole was sharing a room with the girls for a while, he yelled downstairs, "Mom!  You have to come here!  Something's wrong with Hayden...she's shaking in her bed!"  I laughed so hard, realizing he had never watched the girls fall asleep before.  They have done this ever since they were tiny babies in the NICU and could move their heads around.  It's one of their quirks that I love and hate all at the same time.  Why do I hate it?  Because I end up having to fight them while I'm tearing through their hair with a comb every morning amidst their wails that it hurts.  It's not fun for any of us.

Hence the need for a major haircut.  There are probably no 3 year-olds on this earth that had more split ends than my girls!  Let's just say that being gentle with the combing ended a long time ago and now it's just rushing to get that horrible task of the day over with!

I was so excited when Bobbi said she could cut the girls' hair for me, last minute, the day before their birthday.  Bobbi cut my hair growing up which is why it was so much fun to have her do the girls'.  They weren't too sure about it when I was having mine done but as soon as Bobbi told Maurah she'd give her a Princess cut and Hayden a Tinkerbell cut, they were all about it!

Hayden went first and sat so still, grinning the whole time.  She was so proud and such a big girl, I was so proud too!

 Maurah was up next and I laughed watching her.  That girl could not sit still if you promised her one hundred cookies!  Her faces had me cracking up and it was pretty obvious she enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror too. 
 This is my favorite from the day:

Bobbi rewarded the girls with Peanut M&Ms and we were both thrilled to see that their hair still held some curl, although it's disappearing quickly the older they get.  I've kept some of Hayden's curls in an envelope from a trim I gave her once but never got any of Maurah's, probably because I've never been able to truly put scissors to her beautiful hair...which doesn't get as tangled as Hayden's, hence Hayden having shorter hair.  Now we're ready to party!

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