Cole's Bday, Part 2

The long awaited for Star Wars party finally came!  In a way, it was nicer to have it two weeks after Cole's actual birthday because the weather was way nicer so we got to be outside.  I'm so bummed because we didn't get a photo of the food at the party, but it was all Star Wars themed:  Yoda Soda, Darth's Dark Side Desserts (chocolate cupcakes) and Jedi Treats (vanilla cupcakes), Wookie Cookies, Chewie's Choice Caviar and plenty of other yummy treats. 

The Darth Vader candle made it's second appearance:

 Cole was thankful for many special gifts and I love this picture of him when he got to open the one he saw too soon at his best friend's house...oops!  He waited so patiently for two weeks and was thrilled when those Legos were finally his to keep. 

One of the most fun things was the Darth Vader pinata.  This one worked by pulling one ribbon at a time and only one of the many ribbons opened the trap door to let all of the candy fall out.  Apparently hitting your favorite character isn't the way to go anymore?  :)



A.J. - whose face really is behind all of that ribbon :) :
Matt was the winner!  I wish I got a shot of his face because the poor kid was so stunned when all of the candy fell out!  Once he saw what it was, though, he got busy packing up his goodie bag along with the rest of the kids!
Happy Birthday, Darth Vader!  There's truly no one like you.  :)


~joanne said...

Okay, I have to comment about this Piñata you bought..what is coming of this world? Why again don't we have traditional piñata's anymore...are we afraid someone MIGHT get hurt..please! Are we raising a generation of wimps? How will boys become men? This just drives me crazy! Sorry to vent right here on your blog!

Hope all is going well with your move and you have everything unpacked already!
Cute party ideas..I'm sure Cole will remember this for a lifetime..way to go the extra mile for him!!

Megan said...

No, I'm right there with you! I was so disappointed that the only Darth Vader pinata was a was a big anti-climactic too, in my opinion. Hopefully we can find a Dora that we can hit apart for Laina's party! If we do, I'll be sure to post pics of that. :)

~joanne said...

I thought you might block me from commenting again..=)!

Megan said...

No way! I'm with you all the way on this one! =)

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