Guess Who's 3??

We got to celebrate the girls' day on their actual birthday this year which seems to never happen.  We had a pizza party with all of our family...much to the girls' dismay.  They wanted a "cake party" and were all too concerned that there wouldn't be any cake in sight!  We did have cakes though, one for each of course.  

My big 3 year-old...the baby face is quickly fading.
Princess Aurora..I mean, Maurah...showing off how old she is...we're still working on getting that pinky and thumb to stay together.  :)
My favorite part of the night was singing Happy Birthday to each of them.  We sing it twice, for Maurah first since she's the oldest by a minute and then following up with Hayden's turn.  They sang along with us and when we got to their names, they gave the sweetest, most sincere smiles.  They were both SO excited we were singing to them.

This party, along with Cole's were so special because we got to have all of the cousins there before we moved to Wisconsin.  Being five hours away, we're not sure how many parties we'll be able to have together, but we can be pretty sure that both sides won't be able to make it at the same time very often.  We were savoring our time together.
This is the "Mom, can you stop taking pictures for one second?" look.  Nice, huh?
One of the sweetest gifts the girls received were knitted dolls from my Grandma.  As soon as Maurah opened hers, she whispered to Jake, "I want to sleep with her."  This was so sweet and my Grandma later told me that the name of the dolls is "Bed Buddies."  How perfect is that?

I love this picture of Hayden explaining how to feed her baby a bottle to my Dad...
Happy Birthday, Maurah and Hayden!  We love you!!

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