I Wonder What Einstein's Mom Was Like.....

I have to brag about my son for a moment. Really, it'll only be a moment, I promise.

Cole was watching Sesame Street and they showed a screen with four pictures on it - a gorilla, an umbrella, an airplane and something else I can't remember. They asked the question, "What picture starts with 'u'?" Cole shouted out, "Umbrella!!"

I was stunned. He is turning 3 in 24 days (yes, we have a countdown!) and already he's able to discern beginning sounds with his letters. It just makes me wonder what kind of a mom Albert had and if she and I would have done playdates together had our kids been born in the same century! I'm not sure about that one, but I'm pretty sure Cole will be able to take care of Jake and I in our old age and that's something to be thankful for! :)

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~joanne said...

A modern day Genius!

Isn't fun when your kids start to figure things out, that you thought were above them!

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