What a Weekend!

I'm worn out. I'm trying not to complain, but I'm just so worn out. Here's just a taste of what the last few days has been like for us.

  • Jake and I meet for coffee in the morning while a friend is at home with the kiddos - not a bad way to start off the day!
  • After coffee, I call my mom only to find out my dad was trying to get a hold of me to let me know that my mom had been in the ER and was being transferred to another ER's heart center. I get in my car and make the three hour trek to Grand Rapids.
  • The moment I walk around the corner and see my dad, the doctor comes out, says everything is okay and they're sending my mom home. Happy that she's going home. A bit disappointed I had driven so far to find out all was well.
  • I wanted to turn around and drive back home since Jake and I had planned an overnight trip for the next day, but was way too exhausted. Stayed the night at Heather and Adam's.
  • 3 a.m. - wake up and drive for home after a few sleepless hours, hoping I wouldn't miss my alarm. A long, lonely drive back to IN.
  • 6 a.m. - arrive home only to shower and get ready to leave in the next hour and a half.
  • And we're off to Peoria, IL - a land of nothing, I might add!
  • Jake and I enjoy some great sessions at the conference we attended. Called home to find out the girls had been vomiting and having diarrhea all day. Jake's poor mom!
  • Finish the conference and return home, hoping the girls were better.
  • Arrive home, no change with the girls.
  • Jake goes to church. All three kids are sick so I'm home with them. I realize that something needs to be done for Maurah and Hayden.
  • 1 p.m. - Jake and I enter the ER with the twins to stay for 8 1/2 hours while they were given IV fluids and having blood drawn, etc.
  • Mind you, Jake and I are totally separated the entire time since we had two patients and therefore were in two rooms. Dreadful.
  • Finally, the doctor decided not to keep the girls overnight, but to let us go home. Everyone sleeps well through the night.
  • Girls are still sick. They've only been awake for 2 1/2 hours total today and when they are awake, we're forcing fluids down them.
  • Just got back from the doctor for a follow-up appt. It's exhausting taking two babies to the doctor by yourself! The back and forth with both of them screaming......I have no words.
  • Come to find out, they might have rotavirus. Joy.
So, yes, I'm worn out. I've figured out that at least one of my children has been incredibly sick almost every day for the last three months. I'm starting to feel like we'll never be healthy again. I really can't picture it! But I know the day will come.....too bad I don't believe in fortune tellers so she could let me know when that day would be!

Alas, Lysol has become my best friend and, at this rate, I bet our friendship will last quite a while.

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~joanne said...

See, having teenagers is sounding better and better!

Just keep in mind, someday you will look back and laugh. Better yet, you will be able to encourage some new mom when she goes through these same struggles...and vividly relate!

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