The Word Is Out!

We've been waiting a bit to share, but since our church family now knows, I'm ready to post to my bloggy friends - I will type this very slowly, so you don't fall over in shock. The Mannes are expecting the sixth member of our family to make his/her appearance about seven months from now. Simply put, I'm pregnant.

Yes, it was a surprise. A BIG surprise. Like, gargantuan in size.

And yes, I've done all of the math: 4 kids under 3 1/2 years old, 3 of those kids came in 1 1/2 years, we have our own volleyball team, basketball team plus a sub, and too many people to be in a bowling league together. We've had the questions of what we'll do if there's two or more - I don't know. I'm trying to make it through with the idea that there's one, thank you very much! We've had the questions of if I'll go early - I don't know, but prayers that I would go full-term would be greatly appreciated! There's just a lot to consider this time around, isn't there?

Pretty much, we'll be having a lot of craziness just when I thought it couldn't get any worse. I'm thinking the worst part will be the beginning (just imagine a 3 1/2 year old, two 19 month-olds and a newborn all wanting YOUR attention!) and the end (when I lose my firstborn love one year, TWO girls the next and then my baby the next year). Empty nest is going to smack me across the forehead harder than I ever imagined - and if I'm saying that now, I know it will be bad once it's here! So, while I'm sort of dreading the exhaustion that has already ensued and how it will grow as the new little one arrives, I'm trying to count my many blessings - even the three who refuse to take naps! :) And if TLC wants to put us in a show so we can make millions, who am I to say no?


~joanne said...

WOW..WOW...WOW! That's about all I can say! Congratulations!
I will be praying for this little one...or two..or three!?!

You are a great mom!!! These kids are soooo lucky to have you and Jake as guys are great!

Sadie VK said...

Wow, Megan!! Congratulations!!

Emily Miersma said...

You know I'm praying for you! Hmmm... "Four under Four" could be the title to your show. (I know I just made that up, I'll have to come up with a better one if you have more than one baby cookin')

Fader said...

MEGAN! Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you and am grinning from ear to ear. I've loved seeing your comments and notes on our blog lately so it was about time I left a note for you!
I will TRULY be praying for you in these next few months as you carry on with your little ones plus feeling yucky and tired with this teeny tiny one. Oh, it's soooo wonderful. Babies are miracles and God brings them all at just His perfect time. Give Jake a big "Well done" slap from Eli.
Love Bethany (and Eli)

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