Good News!

I received wonderful news at my doctor appointment yesterday. I first went to have an ultrasound to see where the baby is measuring and whether or not my cervix is doing what it should be. (Recap: The reason I went into early labor with the twins is because my cervix was considered incompetent, measuring way smaller than it should, allowing them to push their way right out.)

First, we watched the little peanut on the screen, and it was hilarious to see how active a 4 cm baby can be! Yes - 4 cm. That's all it is measuring right now! And I could not believe that, at 4 cm, this little guy has fingers and toes already. All of its body parts are in place, they're just developing more and more with each day. The funniest part is that the baby basically has its own trampoline in there as it bounced up and down on its head, kicking its little legs in the air. The tech (who remembered me from the twins) and I had a nice little reunion, enjoying the kicks and turns of this new little bean. It was so nice because this is the tech who performed the ultrasound the day Hayden kept kicking Maurah in the head until Maurah finally swung herself around and kicked back. So, I definitely have a special place in my heart for this particular radiologist. :)

Next we did the trans-vag (a favorite for every woman, I'm sure) to get a cervical evaluation. She kept saying that she couldn't get a very good picture which worried me because I thought this might be a sign that things weren't as they need to be. However, when I spoke with my RN in the doctor's office, she told me that my cervix is measuring at 5.75. The doctor wants anything 4 or higher, so I'm quite a bit above that! (With the twins, I measured 3 or less from the very beginning). I don't have to go back until 4 weeks from now - which is a miracle in itself in high risk pregnancies, as I'm there almost every other week - and they'll do another ultrasound and cervical evaluation. If my cervix is still measuring well, I don't have to have a cerclage put in (the surgery I had to hold my cervix shut) and my chances of having to be on bedrest plummet. Praise God! I had nerves up to my throat the entire drive to the hospital and God is answering every prayer that I've laid at His feet for this baby. One thing I learned from the situation with the girls is that you can never pray enough for your kids.....and this baby is definitely benefiting from that!

Here's a big thank you to everyone who has been praying for us too. Really, my biggest fear has been that I couldn't carry another baby well and that my body is just totally depleted. At this point, however, it looks like we went through what we did because there were two last time. All I can muster to say is thanks be to God!

Disclaimer: To those of you who are offended by me calling the baby "it", I realize that this baby is not an "it" or a "thing". But writing he/she, him/her, etc. gets really hard after a while. So until we know the sex of this baby, please forgive me. :)

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Emily said...

Yay! That is so awesome Megan!

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