Mumble Jumble

I am tired. So, So Very, TIRED. Why is it that you forget what your body goes through being pregnant, even when it was only a year ago that I was in this position?

Unfortunately, I don't have the privilege of sleeping whenever I want to. Oh, sometimes I miss the days of being pregnant with Cole! How easy that was! And yet, I foolishly took that for granted as I think all first-time moms do. All of that said, forgive me if this post is scattered all over the place.

In other news, Cole has decided that this baby is a boy (yay for us!) and that his name is AJ Leto (both of his cousins' names). When asked what he'd name it if it's a girl, he decided on "Leto Lady". Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

Cole is into really deep thoughts now that he's 3. Not sure if it's just him or if it really is his age, but it's fun to watch him work through life issues. We've been going over the real meaning of Easter and he can tell you how Jesus died on the cross, they put Him in the tomb and after 3 days He "rose to Heaven!" (shouted very emphatically) and that He's still living and is coming back to see us! Then, he runs around and shouts, "Hooray! Hooray! He's coming back to see us!" Isn't childlike faith one of the sweetest things you've ever seen?

Then, while sitting outside of a Quizno's the other day, no conversation going on, I hear from the back of the van, "Mom, do we belong here?" To which, I dumbly said, "Like, in front of the restaurant?" "Well, just here. Do we belong here?" So then we carried on a conversation about how God made us to live on this earth until He calls us to be with Him in Heaven. Isn't that interesting? I am loving this part of his little mind and how he is treasuring knowledge about God and all that He has created. It's really such a privilege to get to talk with him about these sorts of things. I hope conversations like these never fade away.

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~joanne said...

sounds like a preacher in the making!

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