Home? What home?

We are gearing up for some very busy days ahead. Here's just a rundown of our calendar the next few days:

Church pictures in 2 hours.....yes, I should be getting everyone ready!
Tomorrow we are meeting dear friends downtown for an early lunch, attending volleyball games played by a couple of our students and then heading to church for a fundraising dinner and meeting.
Saturday Jake's parents are heading our way on their trip home from Alabama...this won't really make us busy, but it's still something to look forward to!
Sunday we have church from 9-1, then a leader's meeting at our place (I'm hoping I don't have to prepare food for this one!) and then Jake and I are attending a Shane & Shane concert which I am SO excited about! They are performing with Matt Maher (sp?) who God has blessed enormously at leading worship. We have a babysitter and all.....like I said, SO EXCITED!!

All of this to say, you will most likely not be hearing from me for the next while, at least until I recover. However, this has to guarantee some good posts for next week, dontcha' think? Have a wonderful weekend yourselves, my friends!

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