Dear Jake,

I tried this year to put together a nice card for you, but, as you know, time just didn't allow. However, I didn't want this day to go by without recognizing you for the great husband and the great dad that you are.

We have been through a lot when you look back a year ago and I am so thankful for the progress that we've made. It's amazing to me to think that this time last year, we just brought Maurah home from the hospital and we were trying to figure out what life looked like as parents of a 2 year-old and 3 month-old premature twins. Easily said, it was craziness. In that time, we were also still trying to figure out what we looked like as a husband and wife who had basically been separated for five months. After almost five years of marriage, we found ourselves trying to figure out our roles again and how we worked with each other, for both of us had definitely changed in our time apart.

As I said before, I'm so thankful for where we are now. I really believe that our kids have the best dad ever. Did you ever think that, at the age of 26, you would be a father of three with one on the way? We definitely have gotten more than we bargained for at such young ages. As stressful and tiring as it is right now, I can't tell you how much I love being on this journey with you. I can't imagine changing diapers, wiping faces and trays, disciplining tantrums or healing owies with anyone else. I am so blessed for all you do for me, especially getting up every morning with the kids and allowing me to sleep in a little bit and do my devotions so I have more energy and a proper perspective to start my day with them. I love watching you with Cole and how you're willing to take him to work with you every now and then - he loves getting that special time with you at church. The girls have you so wrapped around their fingers already, and it's so sweet to watch them want to get in on the wrestling fun that you and Cole enjoy together. You are such a hands-on dad that is so rare to find these days. Our kids are encouraged by you to express themselves and you don't hold back on loving them - giving them kisses and hugs, high fives and words of encouragement. You are building a foundation for them already to grow and have confidence in themselves, and most importantly, you are seeking how to best raise them to know and love Jesus. You are a blessing for our family. I am excited for us as we welcome this new - and last (lol) - baby into our lives and we continue on the journey that God has brought us to. I look forward to every day of it being with you by my side, my only teammate who knows exactly what our life is really like and who is so faithful.

So, from all of us, we love you so much and are so glad to have you as our husband, father and leader of our family. God has richly blessed us with you! Happy Father's Day!

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